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Dental Bonding and Veneers in Stoney Creek from Portway Dental Centre

At Portway Dental Centre in Stoney Creek we offer dental bonding and veneers as part of our cosmetic dentistry services. Bonding and veneers can help with a range of issues including decayed teeth, chipped teeth, and gaps between teeth.


To restore and improve the look of your smile, dental bonding may be for you. This procedure takes a tooth-coloured resin material (a durable plastic material) and applies it to your tooth, hardening it with a special light. This material is “bonded” to your tooth and can help the following issues:

Repair decayed teeth (composite resins are used to fill cavities)

Repair chipped or cracked teeth

Improve the appearance of discoloured teeth

Close spaces between teeth

Make teeth look longer

Change the shape of teeth

Protect a portion of the tooth’s root that’s been exposed as gums recede


Dental veneers or porcelain veneers or dental porcelain laminates help improve the look of your teeth. Using a thin, custom-designed, tooth-coloured material, the veneer is bonded to the front surface of your teeth. Veneers can change the colour, shape, size, and even length of your teeth.

You can choose between veneers made of porcelain or resin composite material. Porcelain veneers resist stains better and can mimic the light reflecting properties of natural teeth. On the other hand, resin veneers are thinner, requiring less of the natural tooth’s surface to be removed before placement. Discuss your best veneer options with our dentist at Portway Dental Centre in Stoney Creek.


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