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Dental Check-Ups in Stoney Creek at Portway Dental Centre

Preventative oral health care helps keep your teeth and gums healthy, combating issues before they develop into a more serious health problem. Brushing, flossing, and eating nutritious foods regularly are some ways you can control your oral health. At Portway Dental Centre in Stoney Creek, we offer preventative exams, checkups, and cleanings as part of our prevention services.

Some tips on avoiding tooth and gum problems include:

Tongue-cleaning with a soft-bristled toothbrush or tongue cleaner that fights bacteria and bad breath. Cleaning your tongue is especially important for people who smoke, or those with coated or deeply grooved tongues.

Consider mouthwashes that help fight plaque and bacteria.

Schedule routine trips to the dentist; at least 2 times each year.

Maintain routine checkups or recommended blood tests that are ordered by your health professional if you use a blood thinning medicine or have a bleeding disorder.

Refrain from smoking or using other tobacco products as they can decrease your ability to fight gum infection and delay healing.

Don’t use illegal drugs, like methamphetamines, as they cause tooth and gum problems.

Eat a healthy diet.

Avoid chewing ice.


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Cosmetic Dentistry

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